Users Say

"It was free to try. I like the simple interface."

- leisha
April 2014

"I've been trying different reminder programs for some time now. It came down to yours, xReminder and Calendarscope. I decided to go with yours mainly because it has and is pretty well exactly what I'm looking for."

- Percy
March 2014

"It's quite easy to use."

- Kerry
January 2014

"I recently started using Efficient Reminder Free and I really love it. It has the most features of any reminder program I have seen."

- Erik
November 2013

"Let me say that I love your efficient reminder program. It does everything I need."

- Jim Grafford
July 2013

"Amazing Reminder Software Pros: It is excellent, easy to use. And it can remind me everytime and I never miss my appointments and meeting now. Cons: None of that I dislike by now Summary: Love it! And it is deserved to own!"

- Yong926
July 2013

"2. What was the biggest influence on your decision to purchase Efficient Reminder? My answer: This software was specifically what I needed to track a large number of birthdays 3. Please write down your comments on Efficient Reminder. My answer: The process is simple and straight forward"

- Jeff Crispell
December 2012

"Very Good Reminder Tool! Pros: Dependable, good reference to recurring events like birthdays. Cons: When you download updates the new version wipes out all of your personal input. Summary: Very good, but you have to watch how up install updates."

- sugartown42
August 2012

"Lives up to its' name! Pros: Simple to use, practical features, well laid out, organized well, nice straight forward backup of data. Cons: None worth mentioning."

- kaatskill
August 2012

"Doesn't overdo! Pros: Simple; Effective; Runs in background. Cons: Default won't accept 15 minute intervals. When 15 minute option selected, is not in dropdown, must be typed. Summary: I was looking to replace the Microsoft Works calendar reminders since the Works calendar does not run ib Windows 7. I tried Don's Alarm Clock and Just'a Reminder and if I recall correctly one was way too complex and the other also didn't run in Windows 7. Efficient Reminder Free is just right (why do I feel like Goldilocks?) I had to set run at startup and minimize when close in options to make sure it is always running. The default is half hours, so I had to set it to accept 15 minutes. Now that it's tweaked, it's doing just what I wanted."

- underwriter505
June 2012

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