I am needing just a little more info before I buy. Here's our situation. We are a two-person, two-computer lawyer's office with one lawyer and one assistant (her husband--that's me). The division between our business and our personal lives is very blurred. What I would like is to be able to use the pro version of the program such that both office computers (wirelessly networked at a very elementary level with one XP laptop and one Vista desktop) could read and write in the database, not necessarily simultaneously. That's the minimum.To be better, we would like to be able to also access it from home. (Right now, I installed the free version in my Dropbox folder. I will see if it runs from home when I get there.) I don't see this anywhere in your info, but it would also be great if we could get the info into our Android smartphones. Some sort of export into a static file that could be read on the phone after copying the file across into the phone would work. Live access an d updating on the phone is not necessary. Can these objectives (not counting the phone part, which is mostly wishful thinking) be met without costing too much?
As for the phone version, sorry, the current version of our software only support Windows OS. For the other thing you mentioned, our network version will meet your requirements. With the network version, you could visit one file at the same time in a server which you can download in our website.

I would like to use my efficient reminder on my computer, tablet and phone via a program called dropbox (which will allow me to keep all appointments up-to-date when I make a change to one calendar, it will automatically update on my other devices). I have been using Efficient Reminder for quite some time on my laptop, but I really would like to have it on my phone as well. When I try to open it on my android phone via Dropbox, it says "No viewer available" - is there something I can download (preferably for free) to read or view my reminders on my phone and tablet?
Sorry, the current version of our software only support Windows OS.

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