Hi, How does Myreminder give me notice that I have an event, does it place a message on my monitor or something else ? at the moment I have to go into the programme each day to check if I have any events. ( I don't start up my pc each morning - it remains on 24/7 ).
When you run the software, a reminder windows will popup if you have any event is coming near. It won't remind you unless you run the software.

I would like to import Jewish holidays into Efficient Reminder Free calendar. How do I convert any file to .erf file so it is recognized by ERF calendar. For example, right now I have the Jewish holiday list in Microsoft word. Is it possible to convert word to .erf?
In fact, you could only import the holidays from "Language\English\Holiday" folder in the file where you instal the software. And the format is .eph. What's more, you could make the .eph file by yourself as the following steps: download EfficientPIM Localizer from ; and then use the program Holidy File Maker in it to make the .eph file.

So you are telling me that the entire password module is worthless to me since I forgot the password to it? That means the entire application is worthless to me that I have been using for 6 months.
You could first export the data in the other modules to somewhere and then create a new .eff file and import the data to the other modules. We are sorry for the inconvenience. But it seems the only way to solve the problem.

My popup event reminders suddenly quit popping up when I set them to. What can I do? Also can I use the free version as long as I want or is there a time limit?
Please make sure you have selected the reminder option since it is un-selected by default. We have the free edition which has no time limitation but some feature limitation; and the 30-days full trial edition which has the same feature with the paid version, but has time limitation, which is 30 days.

I have Efficient Reminder Free and am trying to make a popup reminder show up at a set time. Does Efficient Reminder Free support popup reminders? If so how do I do it?
Yes, the trial version has the same feature with the paid one. You could get the differences between the free version and the paid version in our website: . You could download the free version and open the .erf in the free version.

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