Is there a facility to allow/create a popup that appears on the screen when the PC is first switched to remind me of the events for the day?
Yes, our reminder has a reminder alarm clock. But it's un-chosen by default, you have to set it manually.

When I originally purchased the Efficient Reminder, I set it up to remind myself daily to go to bed at 10 PM. It works perfectly. Now I would like to adjust that setting. I can't seem to find the menu or options that allow me to do that. I've searched the self-help feature, but it shows me how to set up a new recurring reminder, not to access or adjust a previously established reminder. Can you offer some helpful instructions?
You could find the event which you have set an alarm to reminder you to go to bed in the Events page. If you couldn't find it because there are too much events in your list, then you could choose to "Open Item" when the reminder box popup, and then you could remove the reminder.

I am at present using the FREE Efficient reminder system. Will this free system still be available after the end of July, or do I have to purchase.
We have a free edition and a 30-days full functional trial edition. If you are using the free edition, you could use it freely forever.

My registered installed copy frequently asks me to repeatedly enter my registered details.Perhaps because I frequently run "Registry Reviver" & "RegAce" to clean my registry. Can you please advise what is going on..
Please operate as the following steps: 1. Download ; 2. Unzip the zip data to somewhere in your computer; 3. Quit the Efficient software if you are using it; 4. Run the RegInfoClearer.exe in the unzipped folder; 5. Delete the registration information as the program's advice; 6. Enter your registration code after re-start the software.

SEEMS to be a great program. Is there any way of inporting GREEK HOLIDAYS?
In fact, you could and could only import the holidays from "Language\English\Holiday" folder in the file where you instal the software. And the format is .eph. However, we don't have Greek holiday yet.So you have to make the .eph file by yourself as the following steps: download EfficientPIM Localizer from ; and then use the program Holidy File Maker in it to make the .eph file.

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