I have been using the Free version of Efficient Reminder, and it completely satisfies my needs. Is there any reason why I should upgrade to a paid version?
You could get the difference between the free edition and the paid one: .

Where is the data stored ? in the .erf file ? can I save this only and if I needed to install on a new pc just replace this file.
Since the first time you run Efficient Reminder, by default, your information will be saved in the file '.erf' in the 'My Documents' folder. You can also create other .erf files. You can click the File menu in the main window. At the bottom of the File menu, you can see recently opened files (including full paths and file names). The first one (with a tick on the left) is the one you are working with. Yes, you could copy this file to your new pc to run the software.

Is there a way to disable or suspend an recurring event without deleting it?
In fact, when you press "delete", the system will ask you whether you want to delete all occurrences of the recurring event, or just this one,then you could choose delete this occurrence. And the whole event won't be deleted.

How do I open or restore files from efficient reminder free into PIM. I just paid for the pro version and thought I could simply import the file into PIM. But I noticed they are two different file extensions, .erf and .eff. Any way to open a .erf file in PIM?
Sorry, you couldn't open a .erf file in the PIM. You have to export the data in the Efficient Reminder, and then import them to your PIM.

I'm trying your free version to see if I will buy it, but I'm having an issue. The sound reminders lose their sound after a few reminders and then I don't get the reminder. Is there a setting for this?
You could set the sound by clicking the "sound setting". Or you can change the alarm sound to another one by the following steps:you could simply rename our wave file and placed your own wave file (renaming it to "alarm.wav") in the same file directory.

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