Using "Efficient Reminder Free v1.62b82" I can set an event for a particular time and day. When that time arrives nothing happens. What am I missing. Shouldn't there be a pop up window announcing the event? I'm using Windows 7 Pro. If you could help with this I would appreciate it.
Please operate as the following methods: 1. Click the "New Event" command. 2. Please make sure you have chosen "Remind Before" option.

I already have an older version of Efficient Reminder installed on my computer. How should I upgrade to the latest version?
Upgrade from an installed version of Efficient Reminder: Please first download the latest Efficient Reminder installation package. If your Efficient Reminder is running, please exit it first. (Optional): Click "Start > All Programs > Efficient Reminder > Unstall Efficient Reminder" to uninstall the older version of Efficient Reminder. Run the executable "EfficientReminder-Setup.exe" that you have downloaded to the local computer. Follow its instructions step by step to complete installation. You are suggested to install Efficient Reminder to the same directory of the older version. Run the latest version of Efficient Reminder. The new version will automatically open the data files of the old version, and whenever necessary, will convert the format(s) of the data files to the latest version automatically.

I've selected Sunday as the first day of the week in Calendar mode but Monday shows first and Sunday and Saturday are one below the other on the right. Can we get Sunday to be the first day in Calendar 31 day month view?
Please un-check the option of "Compress weekend".

I had downloaded and installed the free version. I then purchased the Pro version - but there is no where to register the Pro version on the Free version. How to get my Free Version to convert to Pro?
Please try as the following methods: 1. Exit running Efficient Reminder Free. 2. Uninstall Efficient Reminder Free. 3. Dwonload Efficient Reminder Pro at . 4. Install Efficient Reminder Pro. 5. Run Efficient Reminder Pro.

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