I tried Efficient PIM. I am not buying another product. My registration code for Reminder does not work. I need Reminder (that I purchased) to work!
Please click ">>" on the right bottom of Navigation Pane on the left side of the major interface after you start Efficient Reminder, then click the "Navigation Pane Options" command in the popup menu.

In Efficient Reminder can you add to the monthly Recurring Events, either to the drop down menu or any way? I would like to have a 3rd Thursday recurring event. Is there any way to do this?
Please carry on the operation as the following order: 1. Click "New Event" command. 2. Click "Recurrence" in the editing interface. 3. Choose "This event recurs regularly". 4. Choose "Nonthly". 5. Change the "Start Date".

I am interested to buy efficient reminder however, can it remind me with a pop up window if the program is closed but running on my computer. I had to open the program to have the pop up window remind me.
Please click "Options" in the "Tools" menu, and make sure you have chosen the follow items: 1. Run at Windows startup. 2. Minimize to System Tray. 3.Click Close to minimize program.

Everytime I download a new update I get an error message that says c:\Program\EfficientReminder\EfficientReminer .exe Delete file failed: Code 5 Access denied Abort Retry Ingnore.I have to ignore it to continue the install.Just thought you would want to know.
Please try as the following methods: 1. Exit running Efficient Reminder. 2. Uninstall Efficient Reminder. 3. Reinstall Efficient Reminder 1.21.

what is the difference between restoring from the backup file name: effbak versus effbak.attach?
What is saved in the effbak.attach file is the related attachment files of effbak document. When carry on backup or restore process, .attach file will be automatically handled.

I puchased Efficient Reminder a couple of weeks ago and I'm very happy with it, but something happened I cannot explain. All of the sudden a password has been added. No one in the family remembers doing that. Is there a way to get ridd of that password and enter my file again ?
In rare cases, there may be such a problem, may be some optimization software conflict or disk error. We have improved it from Efficient Reminder 1.21 to ensure that this problem will not occur again. Please download Efficient Reminder 1.30 (Beta) at , this version can automatically repair the invalid files. On the other hand, Efficient Reminder has automatic backup. You can find your previous documents backup in the sub-folder of the "AuotoBackup" in your installation folder or in "My Documents\EfficientPIM AutoBackup". If you still can not open the file, could you please send us the document, we will try to repair it. We promise we will just repair it instead of checking any information in it.

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