I have already tried that. The box in tools/options/general is grayed out and will not accept the checkmark. I tried the program on a WinXP machine and a machine running the Win7 beta with similar results. On the XP machine, the box is not grayed, but checking it and then clicking on apply has no result. If you close the program and then reopen it, the checkmark is gone. Any other suggestions?
Please download Efficient Reminder 1.05 at , the bug has been fixed in this version.

I am unable to get it to run at windows startup. Is this a problem only with the evaluation version?
Please click "Option" command on the "Tools" menu to set automatic run of Efficient Reminder when starting Windows.

I have just imported contact information on about 100 businesses. Every two weeks for the next several months I would like to send these businesses a letter. Each day I could prepare about 20 letters and mail. Two weeks later I would like to have the computer remind me which contacts to mail my next letter to and so on until I have repeated this cycle for each company about 5 times. Which of the functions would be best to use so that the computer through EPim will remind me ?
I am sorry, it can not remind the Contact directly and periodically, you can carry on the following steps instead: make a new periodical events, at the same time, sets the related contacts as the default email receiver, and for the title, you can write it as you want.

Is there an option to sync the desktop version with the portable version?? I want the same "updated" data base on my portable usb stick as is on my desktop... please let me know if this is an option...
When you run Portable edition in the U disk, the data document will be defaultly stored in Documents\My Information.eff under EfficientPIM folder. If you run Desktop edition, you can open this document directly in U disk. If you follow this process, there will be no problem for synchronization. Or you can Restore in the Desktop edition by the Backup in Portable edition. Vice versa to realize synchronization.

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