I downloaded your "Efficient Reminder" program to use on my computer for my CPA practice. I like having different types of wave files to remind me of appointments, as in different wave bites always remind me of various things. I have been using "Say the Time" for some time, using the wave files as explained with no problems. I had attached some "Wave" files to some of the events I recorded, and now I am unable to open the program at all. I keep getting an error message: File'C:\Users\Mendel (my name)\Documents\MyReminder.erf' cannot be opened. Possible causes: Cannot open file "C:\Users\Mendel\Documents\Myreminder.erf". The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process which tell me that they cannot find the wave files. It gives me an option to open a file, open a new file, or exit. And I am unable to open the program. So now; 1. How do I open the program so I can retrieve my appointments I already posted? 2. Is the problem problomatic with your program? 3. Does this mean I am unable to use the wave files? They are not being used by anyone or any other program. Each Year I have purchased "Say the Time" and am not a casual user, but a potential life time customer.
It's becuase that you have opened MyReminder.erf. Please check in tray icon area in the low right corner to see if the icon of Efficient Reminder exists. You can close all Efficient Reminder programs and restart it.

I find your "efficient Reminder" a pleasure to use, but where on my laptop I have a 12.61MB free version I can show the Working week spread across seven separate squares, on my PC, a 12.85 version the Saturday and Sunday share a square, this is after changing the General Options on both to show a seven day working week. How can I make the PC the same as the laptop?
Please try to switch the "Compress weekend" option in the Calendar module.

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