help I've downloaded efficient reminder and basically it doesn't remind me of anything. I create an event a couple of minutes in the future and close it then I expect it to somehow alert me when the time comes (in a few minutes) but nothing happens I've tried it open and closed nothing and I missing somethint simple
When you add a new event, please select Remind before in the edit window. Of course, if you exit Efficient Reminder, the reminder window will be closed all the same. So you just need to minimize it to have a try.

I am very pleased with your software, but I'd like to know if there is a way to import my reminders into the PIM program?
Each file of our software can be open by other ones. There are several ways for you to open them. 1. You can export them to a CSV file and open it by another software. 2. You can change the filename extension of Efficient Reminder from .erfx to .effx 3. You can drag and drop your files of Efficient Reminder to the shortcut of EfficientPIM. And EfficientPIM will open it.

When the reminders pop up, I find the font a bit small and wondered if I am able to modify its size? Rather like you can with the tables via Tools Options? If so, can you advise how please.
You can click here to know how to change the fonts:

After downloading the latest version (adding American language and ages for birthdays) I have lost almost all my appointments. Only very old reminders remain. How can this be corrected
Don't worry! After you installed the latest version of our software, you just open a new file. Your previous files is still on your computer. So don't worry my dear customer. If you are using Efficient Reminder, you can find your files by searching *.erfx files on your computer. And you can see more information about searching at :

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