Hi, I'm trying the free version, very much appreciated. Does the full version have a way to do a reminder 10 days before the event? I'm using the 1-week reminder, but it's not quite long enough. I need it for mailing something that has a date deadline. Sometimes one week works, sometimes not.
You can download Efficient Reminder Pro at: And you can see its guide at: And you can set any time to remind yourself according to different conditions.

can I easily control where the active file is stored on both computers (easily meaning without having to modify the registry)?
Generally, the directory of the file when you first use this software is "C:Documents and Settingsyour user nameMy DocumentsMyReminder.erfx". Certainlly, you can create a new file to save your data file just like Word or Excel. Please click File -> New to create a new file in any directory you like.

I have Efficient Reminder Free installed on two home computers. Is there any way of syncing the two so both have the same reminders?
You can have a try of Efficient Reminder Network which allows different users to access the same copy of data. You can see more information about it at:

I have just downloaded the Efficient Reminder Free Version 3.53 (Build 344) and find that I can no longer have the Reminder Window automatically pop in. When I click on the Reminder Window in the View tab, it will appear without any events and the check mark will not show up as being selected in the View window. Has this been discontinued for the Free version?
When you add a new event, please select Remind Before and set the time in the Event-editing window. And you can download Efficient Reminder Pro to have a try:

I have Reminders (free version) as one of my startup items. This used to give me a pop-up window showing any events I had scheduled. Now, I the program itself opens, which I don't want. How can I get the program to act as it used to?
But I am sorry that I don't understand you clearly. Do you mean that this software opens by itself after startup? If you do not want that, please click Tools -> Options -> General and unselect Run at Windows startup.

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