I have a meeting on Friday before the Second Sunday of each month. It appears that the monthly options do not support my situation since there are 5 Sundays in some month. Is it possible to set Efficient Reminder to remind me of my meetings?
When set the recurrence of this event. Please choose the date at first. and then select The 2nd Friday of the month.

Most of the time, the reminder window does not show up. I have one reminder, for example, that runs several times a week, but I may get one reminder window a week instead of all of them. can you advise?
If you need only one reminder, you can seperately edit your events, and decide which day to remind, and then check Remind before box.

One of my reminders is set to show up 7 days a week, at the same time. It does not show up at all until I reboot.
You can set this event occurs regularly. You can click Recurrence button in the Event-editing window. After that it will remind you each time.

I purchased Efficient Reminder software on 12/13/12 and installed it on my laptop. After installation, I received a virus that required completely wiping my hard drive. Before cleaning the hard drive, I searched for a key number, but could not find one and I do not recall receiving a registration key. Is there any way to recover the registration key without buying a new software package?
Your code is ER-*** If you have any problem or suggestion, please email us!

I just installed your program and set up a test reminder, but it didn't show up. I need something to pop up to remind me of my appointments, like the old Works calendar.
When you add a new event, please select Remind before in the Window. The software will remind you before the deadline of an event based on the time you set. And you can click Reminders Window on the View menu to display the Reminders window at any time.

I have downloaded your event reminder program & wish to pay later. Where do I find the program's registration?
You can click Use Evaluation Version to use it for 30 days.

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