I have downloaded your event reminder program, however I cannot find the registration no.
Please purchase Efficient Reminder at . After that you can have a registration code.

I am trying to upload a series of events from another diary/reminder program to Efficient Reminder via csv file. When I have uploaded the events are not showing in ER only blank events with no information showing, can you help me as I am sure I am doing something wrong?
If the titles of the two software are different, you need to match the fields manually during your import.

I purchased the efficient reminder software. I have facing few difficulties regarding this software. Problems are mentioned as below. 1- In Events: where it show the summary of all events, in the tab of days left rather then showing the how much time is left ( From start date to end date) it is showing the overdue. ( I need that how many days are left) 2- I have purchased the network edition but I am having difficulties with the firebird server. ( I have downloaded firebird server but having problems to synchronize with the software).
1.Please click Events button on navigation panel or click Events on Go menu so that you can go to the Events module and go through the all events. And Please click Reminders window on View menu, and then you can see how mant time left of the events in the Reminders Window. 2. You can uninstall it and re-download it at . Because our software has upgraded and it will install the Firebird automatically for you. You can install it according the guide here:

In Efficient Reminder Free.. where do I change the default sound setting (wav) ? I changed it yesterday but now the option no longer appears in Tools > Options.
Our software only recognize the alarm sound under the name of "alarm.wav", you could change the name of your own sound as "alarm.wav" in the folder of "EfficientPIM-sound".

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