Does your program have to remain resident in order for the reminder to work?
Yes. You need to run the software to get the reminder work.


I downloaded a new version of Efficient reminders and lost all of my records.
The upgrade of our software won't delete any of your data, please search the .erf/.erfx file in you computer, and then open it in our software.

I just purchased Efficient Reminder, one license for three computers. I have main computer and two others on network. I am trying to install on main computer and on one of the other two at the moment. Instructions say to find fbserver.exe (Firebird). I cannot find this on main computer. What is my problem? Thank you.
One license for the personal edition could be used in three computers, as for the network edition, each computer should obtain an independent authority.

I can't get the hourly reminder to work. The one day reminder pops up like it should, but if I try for an hourly reminder, I don't get a popup. Then if I open the calendar, I can see the popup reminder. Thanks
Our software could only reminder you when the software is running.

I have a registered version of Efficient Reminder and I enjoy it on my computer . I would like to install it on my new netbook computer. Do I have to purchase another copy of the software? If not, how do I get the installation file?
Now one registration code for the personal edition could be used in three computers at maximum. You could download the software in our website, and use the registration code you bought to run it.

I've been using Efficient Reminder Free for approx. 6 months. I can no longer open it. I have the icon on the bottom of my screen & if I hover the mouse over it, I can see a very small version of my calendar & reminders. I have stopped the program & downloaded the program again from your website but still am unable to open it. Can you help me to open the program & not lose my current data? I am running Windows 7.
Please search the .erf/.erfx file in your computer, and then open it in our software.

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