I am using the free version your efficient reminder software in Windows 7. It does what I want it to do but my wife I want to share the data file so we can each put in our own events and the other can see them. I think want to use the same erf file if that is possible. I have a Synology NAS drive and would like to keep the file on that as it is always on. Would the Pro version of the software allow me to do this? I cann't run a database on the NAS drive and I think that would be an overkill for the two of us. What are your suggestions?
The network edition of our software could share the data among different computers. But each computer needs to obtain an independent license.

I have the latest version: 3.10 Build 327. When I enter the registration code into the registration form it tells me my code is invalid and will not let me register.I am beginning to get annoyed and will not recommend this product to anyone.
Firstly, please make sure what you have installed is Efficient Reminder. Then, please pay attention to that there isn't any space key before or after the registration code.

I do very much like the "efficient reminder" tool, even tried to buy it once, but failed because of conflict (confusion) about 2 different program names I.e one having a "PIM" & another without the "PIM" I don't much care what you call the program, I only want one that works consistantly I am also having serious irritations when the program wont delete (uninstall) from my computer & wont run because it says another instance is already running; if you can fix the issues for me I will buy the program, tho most of it I won't use I do want a "bring forward" reminder program for things like available in the "events" - which begs the question - What is the difference between an EVENT & a TASK.
Efficient PIM is a full-featured personal organizer software program that can help you manage your life. With Efficient PIM you can keep track of contacts, appointments, tasks, to-do lists, and much more. You could get more information about our products in our website: Please unselect the option "Allow multiple instances" in "Tools-options-General". You need to track the process of a task while the event only record your plan.

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