ER-DOADHPA***K****GIBKKBENP Is this not the Product Registration Key you sent me? When I am attempting to register the new installation you sent me the link to, it says my registration code is wrong.
Please try to download the software in our official website: .

I purchased Efficiency reminder about 3 yrs ago. I have not been to download an updated version as it continuously says I have Efficiency reminder open and to close it so that it can be installed. IT IS NOT OPEN. What do I have to do to correct this problem?
Please unselect the option "Allow Multiple Instances" in "Tools-options-general".

I guess your "Efficient Reminder" calendar does not have ability to make a reminder of an event Popup on the Desktop ? Is that correct ?
No, our software will reminder you by a popup reminder only if you set the software as "run at the Windows Startup".

Hello, "The network version of our software could allow燿ifferent client computers to visit the same file in the server computer.?" I'm very sorry, but that does -not- work ! -> The fbserver.exe IS running on our server and we -are- able to connect to the database file with efficient reminder -ON- the server. That works reallly fine. "In the 3.0 version, you could only open the file which is located in the local folder, that means it is not in the networked folders or redirected folders. " So the database has to be in a networked folder, otherwise it can't be chosen in the "connect to server" dialogue. ????????? What is buggy: your software or the firebird server, which works only local and not in network? that's weired.... So if we are not able to get this easy thing work with your software and you are not able to explain the necessery syntax of the connect to server dialogue as well, then we wish to take your Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.
Yes, the network edition of our software will realize the data sharing feature through our virtual server, that's why the file couldn't be located in a network folder.

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