How do I import my data (settings, events, etc.) from ER Free?
You just need to export the data in Efficient Reminder as .csv file and then import it to other software.

we are testing the business network edition of efficient reminder and licenced a copy shortly. The fbserver.exe ist running on a w2k server and it is possible to start efficient reminder on the server an connect to database file. But if we start efficient reminder on a client pc an try to connect to the database file on the server, we got an error message: "sorry, the software cannot open the files in remote folders, please copy them to the local folders and open them again" This will work, but in future we want to use the file in a work group... For server an network use in business, the database file has to be stored on a shared folder in network. So what went wrong? Is it probably a problem with connecting to fbserver.exe? -> No Firewalls, all admin rights, no restrictions in network...! We have read the help file, but it doesn't help in this case.
In the 3.0 version, you could only open the file which is located in the local folder, that means it is not in the networked folders or redirected folders.

For example if I put in "" and (double-)click on that, it will not open it in my Browser (either IE, Chrome or Opera). Do i have to use a special syntax?
Please press "Ctrl" when you click the link.

Thanks for your help. Fortunately, I had already resolved the problem by manually deleting the files that were not uninstalled automatically, then re-downloading the full programme. It is now working well. One further question, however: The 'pop-up' reminders only operate on start-up, after a full shut-down: can they be made to operate from hibernation? If so, could you advise, please?
The reminders would only remind you when the software is running.

I installed Efficient Reminder Free a few days ago, which required me to also install Coupon Companion. Coupon Companion is a nuisance! Every time I attempt to access Internet Explorer, I get a message from CC to allow it to "open web content"... and wants me to allow or don't allow... doesn't matter which I choose, nothing happens. How do I remove Coupon Companion? Do I have to uninstall Efficient Reminder?
Our software doesn't have any attached software, please download it in our official website: .

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