I am using your Efficient Reminder Free version and will probably buy the paid version. Is it possible that expired events are automatically removed from the Events view but remain in the Calendar view. I use the Events view as a To Do list. Presently I have to delete expired events from the events view and loose the details completely. Can this be done presently.
You could choose the option "Not overdue" in the left pane.

Can I add different wav sounds to Efficient Reminder program? If so where can I get them the will work with your product?
Our source code looked for a wave file specifically named "alarm.wav", so you could simply rename our wave file and placed your own wave file (renaming it to "alarm.wav") in the same file directory.

Is it possible to set "Remind Before" to 4 days and then have this program give me a daily reminder 4 days before, then again 3 days before, then again 2 days before, then the day before and then finally, a reminder the morning of the day of the event?
Yes, you could set the alarm to reminder 4 days before the event takes place. Just choose "Reminder before 4 days" in the entry page.

How do I make the program run at startup so as to have my reminders pop up with out having to open the program?
Please select the option "Run at Windows Startup" in "Tools-Options-General".

just upgraded to v3.10. went through conversion to erfx. get message "process cannot access the file because being used by another process" ???? yet file menu indicates the new file is the active file. Also seem to have lost several events in the conversion process. Am confused.
Please exit the software and close the .exe program in "Task Manager" and then try to update the file. The upgrade won't delete any of your data automatically.

I launched Efficient Reminder but no window opened to enter the name and registration code. If I click Help there is no way to enter the registration code either. How can I register?
You might download the free version. Please download the pro. edition in our website: .

I updated to the latest version of Efficient Reminder Free and now I cannot open or locate my old data files.
The upgrade won't delete any of your data. Please search the .erf file in your computer and open it in the new version.

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