I am trying your software "Efficient Reminder".... and finding it nice and easy to use. However, I have ticked the box in options to run the program at Windows Startup, which it appears not to be doing. It only runs when I click on the Icon. I noticed today that consequently I missed a reminder because I hadn't started the program. Is there something else I need to do apart from tick the options box, "run on windows startup"?
Theoretically, you just need to check the option "run at windows startup". Or you could try to uninstall and reinstall it and set it in the installation.

I need to reformat and restore and would like to know how to back up the ER Data and restore it.
You could backup the data by clicking "File-backup" to somewhere else, and then restore it by clicking "File-restore".

Is there some way to have the reminder function display an on-screen message (like Outlook)? I usually have the sound turned off, so a visual on-screen message would help. Thanks!
A reminder window will pop up on desktop, and it won't disappear until you dismiss it.

Where can I find a list of features to compare Efficient Reminder Free with the Pro version? At the moment I am happy with the free version and am wondering what would I get extra in the Pro.
You could get the differences between the free edition and the paid edition by visiting our website: .

I purchased Efficient Reminder and installed it on my desktop computer. I also have a laptop. Can I install Efficient Reminder on my second computer or do I have to buy a second copy?
No, you needn't buy another copy. Now one license for the personal edition could be used in three computers at maxium.

I see there are reminders with your product, but I wasn't able to find what I was looking for. If I have a contact that I need to call at 10AM Friday, how do I make that reminder on the contact?
Only the event and task could set with a reminder. So you could create an event for the call.

Does this program become "crippled" or otherwise lose any functionality after any period of time?
No. It won't lose any existed functionality. After two years' free upgrade, you just couldn't use the new features if you choose not to pay for upgrade.

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