I need to know where the save location is for the efficient reminders, reminders. I recently installed a new version of windows. and Now I need to know how to get my old reminders back from the other hard drive I have it installed I just need to know the file location.
Please search the .erf file in your computer.

I wonder is it possible to share MyReminder with few other people in the office?
Yes, the network version of our software would realise the data sharing feature through a server which you could download free in our websit.

I am trying to take that info and put it in my other 2 computers and have had no success. I tried backing it up on an external hard drive. I used the import feature. Nothing seems to work for me.
You could backup the data in the first computer to a USB flash drive, and then restore it into the other two. Remember to use "restore" under the "File" menu to restore the backup file.

Hi. I like this program a lot - it's easier to work with than Outlook. But I would like to be able to handle dates in UK format (date/month/year) so I can export to other programs. Is there a way of doing this?
The data format in our software is sync. with that of your computer, so you could change it in your computer settings.

Hello! Exccuse me, what problem does it show "Invalid file format"when I connect the server?
Please make sure the file you opened is in the local folder, that means it is not in the networked folders or redirected folders.

I don't understand how 'CATEGORIES' is used. I can get the field to show up on the table but how do you enter information into the field?
You could set a task to a category under the "edit" option in a task entry.

I have just purchased a new laptop and want to transfer your software that is licensed to my old computer. What is the best what to do this?
First, download and install the Efficient software in our website: to your new computer, then, run the new software by entering the registration code you purchased; thirdly, backup the data in your old software to the USB flash drive; finally, restore the backup data to the new software.

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