I believe i have had instances where the efficient reminder doesn't come on top of what i'm doing and so i miss it. I don't know if i'm doing something wrong or the software isn't working the way it's supposed to or whether the design somehow doesn't allow for this to always happen.Are there any settings that can force the notes to always be on top as long as they are not minimized by me?
You could set the reminder box always shows on top in "View-Reminders window-always on top".

Today I bought a current version of Efficient Reminder for my new computer (Dell 620, Windows 7). How can I transfer old reminder files from old computer (Windows XP)?
You could backup the data in your old computer into a USB flash drive, and then restore in the software of your new computer.

How can the settings be altered for Efficient Reminder program. It used to come up automatically when booting my notebook. I had to download the program after virus infection and I don't know how to set this up again.
Please select the option "Run at Windows Setup" in "Tools-Option-General".

I have Efficient Reminder Free. Is there a way to mark a reminder as complete, or do I just delete it when it is no longer needed?
Only the tasks in our software could be marked as completed. You could just delete them if you don't need them any more.

I've just downloaded your Efficient Reminder program. I looked in the Help topics and it mentioned that Reminders events can be utilized in Pop-up windows. The only time they pop-up for me is when I load the program. I need the Reminder to Pop-up on my computer display at the time specified. I can't get them to pop-up. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. Can you help?
The reminder will pop up as the time you set when you create a event or task. But only when you have open the software, will the reminder box pop up.

How do I persuade the Efficient Reminder program to display the current month when it opens, instead of the next few days?
Please choose to show as "30month" in the upper bar in the calendar.

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